Bespoke kitchen renovations

The kitchen is the heart of any home and a beautiful kitchen that works for your family is essential for happy family living. We can help you design and create a kitchen you can be proud of. We operate all around the Midlands, Birmingham, Solihull and Bromsgrove.

We will utilise every inch of space in a style and layout that works for you. Our skilled craftsmen specialize in handmade bespoke kitchen cabinets in traditional or shaker style, crafted in our joinery workshop.


Hand-made, bespoke kitchen renovations within new extension space.


Bespoke Handmade fitted kitchen in American black walnut

Smaller kitchen renovation projects

We also fit high-street bought kitchens from any retailer. Often waiting lists for major retailers can delay important building work or leave you highly inconvenienced. Our team works as best we can to ensure that you have kitchen functionality restored as quickly as possible.

Our kitchen renovation company also completes any smaller kitchen renovation projects that you need. So, if you want to transform a larder into a series of pull out pan drawers, or remove shelving and replace it with cabinets, contact our kitchen renovation team to find out how we can help you.

An eye for detail

One of the strengths of having a bespoke kitchen renovation service from a family company such as us, is the ease of communication. So many things go wrong during a project if messages get lost in transit between client and multiple craftsmen. It means we can recommend areas where money can be saved and where its worth paying a little bit more. For example, we may recommend that your kitchen cabinet carcasses are made from birch plywood and your cabinet door fronts made from wood veneered MDF in order to add durability and a luxury finish to your kitchen. Our team can pinpoint areas like this to save you time and money.

Things to think about before you start

Before you contact us for your no obligation quote, it might be worth thinking about some of the functionality you require from your kitchen. This way, we can ensure we design a kitchen that fulfils your requirements. Too often, people can realise way into the build that they forgot to ask for a recycling bin built in, or for a place to store their cookery books.

So, before you start your process, think about how you use a kitchen and how you move around your room. Most kitchens work best if the sink, hob and fridge are situated in a triangle shape. Most people want to have their sink at a place where they can look out into the garden or look out from a kitchen island into a social space; they don’t want to wash up looking at a wall!

Consider also, the types of socialising you do. Do you like to have all your family sat around a long banquet style table, or should your visitors perch at a kitchen unit while you cook? We can make a variety of recommendations to help you achieve the functionality you need.

High-quality luxury kitchen refurbishment

The look of a room changes significantly if premium materials are used effectively. Therefore, think about what kind of work surfaces you want, what taps and handles you like. These are the details that can lift a room and give a superior finish.

So, for all your kitchen renovation needs, contact us for a no obligation consultation and quote.